CASATEKA Handcrafted in Indonesia, Casateka Resin Art and Furniture brings you the finest of solid wood furniture. CASATEKA Casateka has several key foundational attributes which together form the framework of the brand. One of which is our ability to communicate client designs in to real furniture. CASATEKA Building a collection is a delicate process that takes time. But at Casateka, things move fast. What would generally take 2 weeks to complete in planing, we get done in 3 hours. This is because we are hands on and understand that time is everything. CASATEKA Casateka has been successfully manufacturing and distributing 3D wooden wall panels. With expansion on the horizon and an increase in demand, we have decided specialising solely on wood cladding and 3D wall panels. CASATEKA Aside from the exclusive collections we build for our clients, we also have our private collections. Some of these collections may be familiar to some as they have made quite a dent in the furniture industry in several countries.

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